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Despite dealing with the roller coaster of feeling good and bad and the frustration of not knowing what the next day will bring, we’ve had some great family moments.  Our seventh grader made us proud by being recognized by Duke TIP at Vanderbilt , our fifth grader’s soccer team brought home a long, long overdue tournament win and then she was thrilled to win a place on the student council.  We also had a tear-jerking moment at Overbrook’s 75th anniversary mass when the kindergarten sang “Ave Maria”.  It was adorable and I could only think how fast time flies by when they’re racing, grappling, clawing their way to outgrow you, outrun you and leave you behind.   Don’t be fooled though – honestly at our house more of the time it is Steve Martin’s movie Parenthood than “Ave Maria”.

I’ve been moving everything over to the new blog and I’ve included the old entries here, diary style, in the event anyone wants to read them.  It’s still a work in progress so I apologize for any blunders.  I cannot believe almost two and a half years has gone by.  We are so blessed to still be here as a family after this time, I am really cheered just looking back on everything and the wonderful blessings and friends that have come to us, in spite of and because of the cancer.

My ophthalmologist gave me drops for my dry, irritated eyes.  They weren’t kidding about the sun sensitivity – I burned my face, through 55 SPF sunscreen, while in the shade for a couple of hours yesterday.  I’m still on Zelboraf and the specialty pharmacist at Vanderbilt has called me four times.  It scares me to think I might know more about it that he does.  I’m sorting it out though.  I have a huge supply of ibuprofen, new socks, lotion, and shoes and I go sleep with ice packs against feet.  Alan is a lucky guy though because I drew the line at diabetic socks.  Until I’m diabetic, forget it.  If my 92-year-old grandmother who smoked and drank for 70 years can get by without them, so can I.  She has cut back, just so you know.

My oncologist said to gain a few pounds and come back for scans and a checkup in two weeks.  “Add an extra scoop of ice cream to your dinner” was the prescription.  I’ve tried to educate us all and eat healthier.  This is just the turn of the tide my family has been salivating for.  I get frustrated with how nutrition is given so little value in oncology.  Sorry kids, mom will find another way.

While you’re readying yourself for summer vacation, I’m also counting down the days until the American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting in June where there is rumored to be a big announcement concerning a new, better, melanoma drug.  We sally forth onward until otherwise impeded, with so much to be hopeful and thankful for.  What an enormous blessing.