When I was diagnosed with my heart tumor in January I never thought that I’d be trudging in my heels up from lakeside in June, after my brother’s wedding, feeling great.  The side effects of Zelboraf have finally quieted down and I am very blessed.  The wedding was Friday at my Dad’s cabin, right on the dock he built, and nary a boat, barge or Jet Skier interrupted.  There was a slight breeze and a minimum of mosquitoes.  It was a beautiful, family only affair that began with my brother shouting to his daughter “Hey A, get over here and throw some petals so we can get started”.  The rest was very romantic and I am thrilled for them.  They are blessed to have both found a best friend and spouse in this enormous world.  Both he and my niece have joined a wonderful family.

It was a busy week for us with three days of soccer tryouts (made the closer team, thank you for handling it for us God!), packing for summer camp for our two oldest, and Alan took a quick trip to New Jersey during this “down time” as he calls it.  I had an emergency trip to the Aveda Salon in Knoxville to fix my patchy eyebrows and lashes as well as my blotchy face.  According to Amanda at Aveda, a summer wedding by the lake is “a makeup artist’s worst nightmare”.  Amanda, you’ve led a sheltered life.  I envy you.

My daughter and niece were fascinated with my false eyelashes and I swear, they stalked me and WISHED them into falling off before the pictures.   They scurried off with their prize only to later report that they didn’t stick anymore.  I could’ve told them that!  I found the lashes by the bathroom sink, looking like dead bugs.  I tried to do something with my hair but it’s thinning out like crazy and we’re waiting to see if it stops.  I’m not a fan of surprises but what can I do?

I was determined not to have another Easter-league dress disaster but as I’ve probably mentioned before, I am more REI than Saks-Fifth-Avenue.  I’m all decked out with fake lashes and new dress, having been delivered down the steep hill from cabin to the lakeshore in my heels in a golf cart rented just for us gals for the occasion.  We were first down here!  YAY!  Then I notice there is something white on the back of my purple dress.  No wait, it was ALL OVER.   I think it was a deodorant disaster, I don’t know.  My daughter says “Oh I noticed that back at Grandma’s house but I didn’t want to tell you and upset you.”  WHAATTTT????  As in, back at the house, before we drove to the cabin and said hello to my brother’s friends and new in-laws?  When I could’ve done something about it SWEETIE?? I seriously considered trying to dip my dress in the lake.  Alan stood back and watched the disaster unfold.  He says I remind him of Tina Fey on 30 Rock.  I don’t see it.

Fortunately this entire affair was running on Tony-time, for which my brother is notorious.  So I skittered uphill to the cabin in my heels through the neighbor’s yard and slunk into the cabin’s basement “Spider Bathroom” ( self-explanatory).  Then I proceeded to hand scrub the back of my purple dress with hand soap and water, while wearing it, fifteen minutes after wedding pictures were supposed to start.   It’s dripping and it looks like I’ve wet myself.  I thought about stripping and throwing it in the dryer which is just a few… short… steps around the corner and out in the open but decided against it.  All the rest of the guests were one flight up and the potential for disaster was immense.  No hairdryer down there either.  I’d put one next time we’re out but what are the chances…

So I flapped for a few minutes then hearing it get quieter and quieter in the cabin I swished and sashayed my way back down to the dock where everyone was gathering and pictures were starting.  I didn’t have a great story, but I really wasn’t too upset about it either.   I would’ve told them Alan pushed me in the lake.  I was just thrilled to be there, feeling great, with plenty of hair left on my head.  Hey Amanda the make-up artist, it’s all about perspective!  Miraculously the dress dried just in time, a little smudgy, but no one said anything.  For all I know, they noticed it earlier anyway and were too polite to mention it. Like I said, my brother and niece have some great new family members.

It’s another busy couple of weeks for us, and I have scans and results June 25th and June 26th.  We pray for continued joy, good times and more laughter.  Congratulations Tony and Rebecca!  We love you!