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My PET scan two weeks ago said: “New multiple intensely hypermetabolic upper abdominal lymph nodes , additional aortocaval lymph node, very concerning for malignancy. This is what I read “Abdomen and one other important spot somewhere I will look up on Wikipedia later are LIGHTING UP LIKE A CHRISTMAS TREE.”

I trust my doctor and he assured me I was NOT lighting up like a Cancer Christmas tree but wasn’t really convinced of what was going on. So I had my CT last weekend, which I blogged about, and how He kept telling me “Don’t Worry! I’ll handle it!”.

“How do you STAND it?” I was asked, concerning waiting on the test results of my CT a week ago. Well, I know how the process works, the docs get these reports right away, and my logic is that if I don’t get another “get down here right now phone call” then everything is not too dire. Back when I was a pre-cancerous naïve person, I thought that doctors had all the answers. Now I know it’s mostly shades of gray.

Here are the results of my CT: Nonenlarged lymph nodes compared to PET. Stable exam compared to April CT scan. So the CT found NO CANCER. He handled it. Thank you God.

Why are they so different? Who knows? It might’ve been just one of the 17,423 side effects of Zelboraf. Don’t know. Don’t care. Just Happy. So that leaves me with a tiny heart tumor, smaller than they found in January, avoiding horrid scary heart surgery, and NOTHING NEW. Pretty incredible for this Stage 4 Melanoma Girl. We are rejoicing!! AND my hair has finally stopped falling out. It isn’t growing in yet, it looks pretty terrible, but at least the kids aren’t picking it out of their food.

I’m waiting on insurance approval for Yervoy. It can run into 6 figures for the three month treatment. That’s right – you heard me SIX FIGURES. Ponder that if you think that healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry aren’t broken in the USA. I’ll probably start next week sometime. I have to taper off my steroids that I’ve been on since May. Move into the other lane if you see me coming. It might get ugly.

I’ve had a couple of people ask again for the Miles for Melanoma links again so here they are:

Register to walk/run (1 mile walk, or 5K run or walk):


Tax Deductible Donation to MRF/Miles for Melanoma:


Thank you so much to everyone who is joining us or who has donated. It is going to be even bigger and better than last year. The rest of you – get off the fence yall!! Let me know if you’re coming because unless you’re signed up under Team Willett, I have no way of seeing that information. My trunk is nearly clean of M4M flyers, posters, and leaflets. They are like Girl Scout cookies. I just can’t seem to get rid of them all. I am thrilled though, to feel well enough to help out any way I can.

Peace to you all – Amy