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Despite brain tumors we just keep on truckin around here. The pumpkins didn’t get carved but I told the kids it didn’t matter the way the stores are running the holidays together.

We met with the radiation oncologist yesterday and he was very confident he can “zap these little tumors to hell”.   I like the sound of that. Send them right back where they belong.  I had a plastic mask made that form fits to my head. Not much fun.  SRS is set for Thursday Nov 8 at 1 pm. It will take approximately 40 minutes to fry my little tumors in just one session.  They are so small the doc doesn’t expect any swelling or that I will need steroids (YAY!).

I’ve been slightly misled by the medical community before, but this time the nurse corrected herself.  Me: “and then that’s it? I just go home?” Nurse: “Yes, you can go home. You might want to have someone drive you.” Me:”might??” Nurse: “Well, um, yes you probably SHOULD plan on having someone drive you home”.

I’m sure Alan will hand me those car keys right after they’ve zapped my brain with high dose radiation. Sounds like a great plan.

I envision the dead little cancer cells dissolving back into my body, kick-starting my Ipi and my body to knock this melanoma out of the park once and for all.  I did some research and there are seven different clinical trials studying this in melanoma right now.

My thyroid is malfunctioning, as a side effect of Ipi.  It’s causing my heart to race and my blood pressure is all over the place.  This has earned me a weekend wearing a heart monitor and a visit to an endocrinologist next week.  Best news I’ve heard all week – “This is easily treatable”. Love that.

Doctor quote of the week (I know you guys love these) “We could take out your entire frontal lobe and it wouldn’t even make a difference”. Complement? Not so sure.  If all goes well and I don’t need steroids for brain swelling hopefully I will be able to go ahead with my next round of Ipi Nov 12 (3 out of 4).

I am blessed that He and so many others walk side by side with us during this difficult journey.   Yes it’s scary, yes it’s unfair, but I have faith.

And Merry Christmathanksoween to each and every one of you.