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First let me just say we are completely overwhelmed right now by everyone’s prayers, kind thoughts and words, meals, rides for the children – everything.  I feel His spirit working all around us and it is so comforting going into tomorrow.

It’s been a busy week going back and forth between oncology, cardiology, and my new endocrinologist all trying to figure out why my I have this headache, awful fatigue, my heart is racing and my blood pressure has been so low. Maybe it is just the treatments.  I spent all weekend on the couch, plus most of Monday and Tuesday.  Not my choice, but what can I do??

Yesterday I took down one of the Kardashians.  One of the melanoma blogs I subscribe to, this person is a true crusader and she goes after targets like the SmartTan Tanning Convention held in Nashville a few weeks ago.  The keynote speaker was Bruce Jenner who apparently has also had some form of skin cancer.  Shame on him.

Anyway, this blogger pointed out that Bruce Jenner was listed as a possible attendee at a golf tournament hosted by Kevin Nealon this weekend to benefit the Melanoma Research Foundation.  Everybody knows I am big supporter of MRF so I made an email inquiry thinking surely this was a mistake.  Check the MRF web site now and you will see Bruce Jenner’s name is removed.

If I can get a Kardashian thrown out of a charity golf tournament (Willett family motto “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story”) this melanoma has no chance tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will have my SRS (Stereotactic Radiosurgery)  and then go home.  I will be awake during the approximately 40 minute procedure where they will fry these brain tumors to hell.  We are all hoping it goes as well as they say.  I have a few other appointments and tests for the endocrinologist over the next week and I am scheduled to continue with my third Round of Ipi treatment next Monday 11/12.  Business as usual.  At this point, I am cancered-out.

Alan will post tomorrow to let everyone know how it goes.  Thank you so much for everything.  I see Christ all around me, walking by my side, every day.  I am blessed.

Peace to you all,