Brain mets are zapped and all is well.  It was only an hour procedure, but felt much longer.  They put my head in the custom hard plastic mask we made last week and screwed it to the table. It felt like the front of it was boring into my skull, you should see the marks it left.  I couldn’t move my head though, so that’s a good thing. At three months I will have another MRI and if is all clear I will be given permission to drive.  This was not entirely unexpected, but a big disappointment.  I’m sure having my independence taken away will only bring out the best in me.  🙂

Dr didn’t put me on steroids for now, so that’s good. My Ipi has messed up all my hormones and I had the biggest hot flash while trapped in this nightmare.  Also the helmet hurt so powerfully I really thought I might get sick, and there would be no where for that to go. It wasn’t the best of times.

It was hellish, but it was short and it is finished and I feel fine so far.  Could be some brain swelling coming, and other stuff but we will hope not.  Now onto the next thing, cardiac and thyroid tests, and just a little Round 3 Ipi treatment on Monday. And lots of resting up.

All the prayers today have meant so much.  I had such peace last night, this morning and getting through the door to the treatment room today.  I just know these little tumors are already slowly starting to melt away.

God is so good!

Peace- Amy