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My third round of Ipi (Yervoy) treatment went well Monday.  I’m officially hyperthyroid due to the Ipi,  and I have a test that starts tomorrow where I swallow radioactive iodine and they check my thyroid to see how it’s functioning four hours later and then 24 hours later. You will be able to see me from space. That’s assuming you can’t already.

Today the regrowth of my cardiac tumor was confirmed via MRI. I restarted Zelboraf, the “chemo” pill I was on most of the year. I was going to have my last infusion of Ipi in three weeks, but we’ll have to see how I feel. These usually aren’t taken together. More waiting. More not knowing. More side effects.

I feel well, just overwhelmed and tired.  Last 8 days:

  • Appt w endocrinologist
  • Thyroid ultrasound
  • Weekend with heart monitor
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery for 2 brain tumors
  • Appt w radiation oncologist
  • Thyroid imaging scan
  • Appt w medical oncologist
  • Third round of Ipi
  • Echocardiogram
  • Cardiac MRI
  • Restarted Zelboraf
  • Lots of bloodwork, results, waiting, scheduling, phone calls

More importantly, I made it to a soccer game, a basketball practice, and mass.

I am so grateful for everyone who is praying, feeding us, driving me around and sending me their rainbows.  It looks like we found a great person to help us getting the kids home from school, to practices, etc. which is a huge relief and a blessing.

The driving restriction is taking some getting used to. Alan says you should all be praying for him since he has to live with me. I was considering getting a horse, but the kids refuse to scoop up after it. If I get cabin fever too bad, I might fire up the riding mower and head to the mall.

Today is a good day. It’s days like these that I feel strong and I can trust in God to take me in His hands and carry me.  I know He will consider my request to be healed of this melanoma and if He thinks it is in my soul’s best interest, then it will happen.  Because the deepest part of me is what truly matters. The part that will live and love forever. I have such peace today knowing it is all in His hands and that things for me are heading the way they are supposed to go.

Faith is such a battle though.  There are so many things to be afraid of.  Not every day is a good day. Feeling well goes a long way.

I see a rainbow somewhere every day.  I’m blessed and I’m a long way from hopeless or giving up.

Peace to you all – Amy