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It has been another busy week here in Melanoma Land.  I finished my fourth and final round of ipi (Yervoy) on Monday .  It has not been easy and I am fortunate and grateful to have that treatment behind me and make it through all four rounds.  It’s left me anemic, hyperthyroid, my liver enzymes are elevated and then there are the two brain tumors (hopefully dying) and the cardiac tumor.

Hopefully I will see some benefit from it, although it is still too soon to tell.  Wednesday I restarted taking Zelboraf, the chemo pill I was on for 6 months of the year.  Last week I was so sick on it I had to halt it for a week.  The big scary question though – will the Zelboraf work again or has my cancer found a way around it yet?

Thank you to anyone who has ever donated blood.  I’m embarrassed to admit I was afraid of the process and never did.  My hemoglobin has been very low and I’ve been extremely fatigued – too tired to even move off the couch most days.  Then I’ll have a good day and end up completely exhausting myself doing the smallest thing.  Motto – “How will I know what I can do until I’ve overdone it?” Yesterday I had a blood transfusion and already I’m feeling better.  Thank you anonymous blood donor, wherever you are.

Yesterday I also had a repeat cardiac MRI.  My cardiologist has been very concerned due to the size of the mass in my heart (It’s big.  Don’t ask, I won’t tell you.)  I will tell you this – it is smaller today than it was three weeks ago.  I didn’t expect to find out until my appointment Monday but the world’s best oncology nurse took a peek and called me during my transfusion.  The cardiologist is pleased and of course we are thrilled to know the Zelboraf is  working.   Come on immune system, let’s get in gear and kill this melanoma off once and for all!

I don’t want any more news or scans, I’d like to leave 2012 on a high note.  I’ve made it a month without driving, one down and two to go, and I haven’t stabbed anyone out of frustration.  Pretty good I’d say.

I am so grateful He heard me.  He heard my “Yes”.  Just show me who you want me to be and what you want me to do Lord, I place it all in your hands.  Thank you for today.  Thank you for 2012, as difficult as it’s been. I’m grateful for the opportunities and blessings you’ve given me.   As we prepare for the miraculous birth of Your son, please remind us what is really important.

Peace to you all,