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With trepidation I approached it, knowing the neglect and abuse that had taken place in my absence.  I slowly moved into range only imagining the feral wasteland that lay inside.  I timidly peered over the edge to meet the carnage that had quietly evolved during my three months on the couch coping with my melanoma treatments. 

It was worse than I feared inside the vegetable drawer of our refrigerator.  I found a Ziploc bag full of completely decomposed, unidentifiable green vegetable matter.   As I gagged and tugged the baggie out of the layer of muck lining the bottom of the drawer, the seal held tight.  I highly recommend Ziploc.

I love having the energy to cook dinner, go to the grocery, help with homework and do those mom things that I’m supposed to be doing.  I like to do things my way.   My way is always best.  I bet my family would say I was easier to get along with on the couch.

I have two MRIs Thursday and an appointment with my hairdresser Friday so she can fix my Frankenchemohair. I just found another eyebrow hair on the Ipad screen. Sigh.

I am coming up on three full weeks back on Zelboraf and things are going well, side effects are manageable, especially on this lower (less Mommy Dearest) dose of steroids.  I am probably jinxing myself – horns will undoubtedly sprout from my backside tomorrow.  Somehow I have avoided the dreaded Ipi colitis.  I thought it was definitely starting up a few weeks ago; maybe the steroids knocked it out.  Don’t know, don’t care, just grateful.

It is odd writing for the internet, knowing hundreds of people will read this.  People that know me read it, but don’t mention it.  Many people I’ve never met read it. I could walk right by them on the street.  Nashville is a great city with a small town mentality and often times I will hear that a friend of a friend is reading the blog or someone has passed along the link and they are praying for me.  It must be working. I feel great.  Thank you.

I’m giving a big shout out to Carmen Who I Don’t Know, in Nashville.  Thank you for talking my friend F into going to the dermatologist for a full body check.  Now the rest of you, make a phone call.  It’s one appointment – maybe an hour of your day.  Last year I know I was in a doctor’s office at least once a week – Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, Dermatologist, Cardiologist, Endocrinologist, Orthopedic Oncologist, Ophthalmologist, and I made it to the dentist once.  Additionally:

188 lab reports issued, 31 scans – PET, CT, MRI, ultrasound, X-ray, & echocardiograms, 2 nights in the hospital (not bad!), one session of stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) for brain tumors and I might have mentioned this before, I am not allowed to drive right now. GRRR. 

For me, I believe my stage four melanoma was inevitable.  I’m supposed to be on this path and I’ve accepted it.  But wouldn’t you like to avoid this if you can?  GO!

To satisfy my inner geek I looked up the Google searches used to get to the blog.  Some of the more interesting ones were:  luscious garage, smell moms feet, and werewolf transformation.   Next time I’m hoping for Frankenchemohair because it isn’t returning any hits and I’d like to make my mark in the world without having Kanye West’s love child.

Tuesday Jan 15th – Dr appt with labs and test results.  Praying for more magic.

Peace to you all,