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Well nothing but more blessings and good news to report this week. We’ve been busy with the everyday stuff like cub scouts, soccer and school. Monday’s echocardiogram showed that the tumor in my heart continues to shrink and my cardiologist said he was comfortable not seeing me for several weeks. Thank you God!

I have much more energy than I did a couple of weeks ago which is wonderful for keeping up with three busy kids. I continue to be awed and inspired by the cancer warriors around me and although I would never be one of those people to say cancer is a blessing, I can definitely say that there are innumerable blessings that have come my way because of it.

I am humbled to share my story with a class of seniors at a local high school this week. They are struggling with questions like “Why does God let suffering happen?” I hope they don’t think I have all the answers! It will give me a chance to mention the evils of tanning beds as prom season approaches though and if my path leads me to talking to teenagers, I will do it. Luckily I have plenty of experience being eye-rolled by adolescents at home. Ugh.

Peace to you all,