I’ve been feeling well and enjoying the last couple of weeks with my family and friends.  I surprised my mother for her seventy-fifth birthday, walking up to her restaurant table and asking “Do you have room for one more?” I’ve watched soccer and done taxes.  Just like a regular person.

We took a wonderful trip for Spring Break.   Alan and I fulfilled a dream by taking our children to Yosemite National Park.  Neither of us had been in years and it is still as breath-taking and magnificent as ever. Honestly, I never thought I’d see it again.  I drank in every drop of it.


We peered high in the sky for the tops of the giant redwoods in the Mariposa Grove.  I imagined the stories they could tell – these oldest living things on Earth.  They’ve outlasted the dinosaurs, wars and will hopefully outlast you and me.

The sheer granite cliffs appear too incredible to be real and the waterfalls were alive and bursting with the spring snow melt.  The weather was beautiful and all around us God seemed to say “See!  Anything is possible!”

I can’t do everything like I used to.  I rested when I needed to, said “No” if I just couldn’t go up another hill and we readjusted.  We also saw other parts of California and let me admit – Legoland kicked my butt.

As I traveled and made wonderful memories with my family a good friend lay dying of melanoma here in Nashville.  When I met him, I never imagined I’d outlive him.  This was just over a year ago.  I thought of him and prayed for him and his family every day.  I know God has His own plan for me just like He has His plan for Bob and for you.  They are all different. I guess God isn’t done with me down here yet. I am a work in progress.

Life is difficult, scary and painful.  Yesterday I watched my friend take just a few breaths every minute, wondering if each was his last.  He is filled with melanoma and it is quickly spreading and killing him.  I believe he knew we were there.  I miss talking with him but I told him, “I will see you again”.

It was an amazing gift that his faith-filled family shared by letting me and my friends come visit.  Standing by his side, knowing that death is only another beginning.

Everyday I am thankful.  Despite how I might have failed as a parent, a friend, or a Christian, the rising of a new day brings a chance to start anew.  Even when my fears overcome me I know the Lord is waiting for me to come back and trust Him.

What do you believe? Do you really believe in the miracle of Christ’s resurrection or is it just something you repeat to your children like a fairy tale, maybe as it was repeated to you?  Do you really believe in Heaven and life after death?

I have changed so much in these last three years but I still struggle every day.  I try to remember that God is in control and I know I believe in Him.  I try to show it.  Some days are better than others.

I have dates with radiology this week and results next Monday April 15th.  I dread the scans, I detest the reports that seem to say one thing, then contradict or question the next time or in another report.  It is out of my hands.

In the meantime, I’ll be living.  Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Peace to you all,