Well I passed my brain MRI from yesterday, so I am on to the next part of the testing for the clinical trial next week.  I need blood work, an EKG, and to get everything approved by the overlords at Merck in order to get into the drug trial.  Coincidentally (or not?) this drug was designated given a special designation by the FDA today as a “Breakthrough Therapy” which is supposed to help speed the path of the drug to market if it continues to show positive results and is leaps and bounds ahead of other available cancer therapies.  SO the plan is that I’m on Merck’s new Anti-PD1 (please God and let it work) or chemo (blech, let’s hope not), in less than two weeks.  Maybe the third time is the charm for a trial – eh?

Or my oncologist will figure something else out because I’m not throwing in the towel just yet.  I feel too good for that and we have way too many things going on – church confirmation tonight, birthday this weekend, high school testing, one more soccer tournament, eighth grade graduation, and so on and so forth.  I’ll admit things are falling through the cracks. 

I am deeply grateful for those that continue to pray for me as I have had a very difficult time the last couple of weeks but I am starting to see rainbows again.  Also I had a wonderful conversation with my very inspirational friend today who has been to hell and back with her health for over thirty five years and we both came to the same conclusion – what choice do we have, but to keep going? Lisa you are amazing and a miracle!  The waiting, the not knowing, is not getting any easier.

Nashville peeps – On Tuesday, 4/30, Pizza Perfect on 21st Ave and the one in Bellevue will be offering free slices of pizza from 6-9 pm for their 30th birthday party. They are making it into a big party and asking for donations, having raffles, a band etc. They are donating all proceeds to the Melanoma Research Foundation in honor of Bob Paterson. Go if you can.

Either way, We win

Peace to you all,