There is a nerf gun battle raging upstairs. Little boys armed and turned loose, not a single thing on their minds except where to scrounge for bullets and if it’s possible to play the Wii and defend ones’ self at the same time.  What a blessing to have a little guy around.  His first grade book report is required to be about a significant historical or religious figure.  First choice: Iron Man.  Somebody was really disappointed to find out Iron Man isn’t real.  Second choice: His Dad.  I told him, “I totally agree with you little buddy, Dad is awesome, but I don’t think he can be classified as historically or religiously significant”.  I wish Iron Man was real.  He could pull some super-hero magic and Roscoe would be history.

Here is our plan for the next week.  Tuesday I’m heading to Vanderbilt for a few appointments and then I hope to hear back Wednesday that I’m all cleared for the trial.  The really good news is that I found out that nothing has to be approved at Merck, all the eligibility work is done at Vanderbilt.   That is definitely in my favor.  I have moved to cautiously optimistic and Friday I will find out if I will get either the chemo (1/3 chance) or the Anti-PD1 (2/3 chance) which is certainly better than my chances of waiting until 2015 (or later) to wait for it to finish trials and be approved.  They’ve already got me scheduled for the infusion room on May 7 as part of the trial and it does make it seem more real.  Best of all, it’s a really good trial and it’s right here at home.   

Things seem to be heading in the right direction anyway and we have plenty of other stuff to keep us busy in the meantime.  Our calendar is a jigsaw puzzle of overlapping triple-kid-centric end of the year mayhem with a side of cancer.  Alan is trying to keep it together at home and at work.  I had one day where all five of us had to be in different places at the same time.   Sometimes, something has to give. 

Keep praying for us.  Thank you so very much. I will let you know more when I can!