So I was in Home Depot today looking at something and all of a sudden I realized I AM IN HOME DEPOT! This was the first time I have ever thanked God for Home Depot. I completely lost interest, thought “I’ve got living to do!” Then spent the next 20 minutes in the pick up line at the high school. Doing JUST what I pray for every day – having one more day to be there for my family.

Every day is different but today I feel great. I laughed until I nearly cried for two hours this morning with some friends and for the second afternoon in a row I forgot my oxygen when going out. Today I didn’t need it.

I’ve put on 5 lbs, my thyroid is sorting out and I wrote my own obituary. Its dated 2055 and it is quite a tribute I must say. You are lucky to know me.

I can FEEL people praying for me and it is BEAUTIFUL. I am not afraid.

I’m going for my third infusion of Merck’s miracle immunotherapy next week to help this battered mortal shell kill off Roscoe. I am fragile but two steps back from the precipice. I’m daydreaming of sand between my toes, warm salty breezes in my hair, and giggling children. Hopefully it can happen.

I do not know what tomorrow holds but I am so very grateful for the beautiful gift The Lord has given me of today. I believe in miracles. I am blessed beyond anything I deserve. Keep praying please for me and for my family. Thanks be to God.

Peace to you all,