The most amazing thing happened last night, our place was overflowing with friends from church, school, sisters from St. Cecilia, and even people I’d never met.  They came with their families and filled the front yard singing and praying by candlelight.  I am still floating.  I was speechless.

I really don’t like being made a fuss over and bothering people, everyone out on a Sunday night at 9:00 with their kids and me the center of attention.  They didn’t ask me first though.  I told them next time to give us more notice and we’ll get a keg of beer.

It was the nicest, most thoughtful, grace-filled thing anyone has ever done for me.  I am very grateful and still overwhelmed.  Thank you all so very much, I love you all.

I had some disappointing news this week.  The worst of which is that the tumor is growing up into my pulmonary artery and will eventually completely block the flow of blood to my lungs. Also there were some difficult conversations with the children including one complete nervous breakdown.  I love them with my whole being and do not want to leave them.

He has His ways though, sending all these sweet souls out to my house to lift us all up.

I remain hopeful with each new day.  I have another infusion July 9th, and official scans for the trial July 26th.  I never thought I’d make it this far. There is still time for the drug to work and maybe there will be time for a plan B (or K or whatever we are on).  And always there is God whom I rely on most of all to see me through.


Have a wonderful, beautiful week.

Peace and Blessings, Amy