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Friday I had a bone marrow biopsy and although it was not much fun, it was over quickly (wear sunscreen!).  Today I found out that although not every tiny result was in, platelet production is normal and there was no sign of melanoma.  Praise God! 

I’ve also been having numbness in my (bad) right leg and this earned me a visit with a neuro-oncologist. He seemed nice but then sent me for a test to look for a pinched nerve.  Kind of like acupuncture he said.

Nay I say!  Acupuncture if Nicola Tesla gave it to you! Needles + Electricity = Shocking! Good news they didn’t find anything, just existing nerve problems from prior treatment. (wear sunscreen!)

Yesterday I was treated with immunoglobulin, which sounds like something out of a Scooby Doo episode. These goblins are supposed to help my immune system and calm down my spleen, which they believe is the culprit in unnecessarily dispatching my platelets. I’d bet it’s just the disgruntled owner of the “haunted” house who is trying to keep his hidden treasure away from those meddling kids.

Tomorrow I have a follow up with the hematologist to see if the goblins are helping and my number of platelets is rising.  Also I have a 2 hour MRI to double check my spine to make sure there isn’t anything in there causing the problems with my leg.  Two hours will be my new record in the tube – previous time to beat – an hour and a half.  I hate the tube. (wear sunscreen!)

I just found out my treatment is on hold for this week which disappoints me but honestly there is one heckuva lot going on and having platelets seems like a good idea.  Maybe a week off is in order.

Team Willett is gearing up for Music City Miles for Melanoma – Oct 19 and here is a link for more info, to register, to donate, or create your own team!


Funding for research is the reason I can sit here writing this for you, right now.  It’s that important.

My goal is simply to be there.

Peace to you all,