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Yesterday’s appointment in oncology went much better than last week. I’d been been told the goblins didn’t work to raise my platelets. Hematology was having trouble coming up with a plan B.

The platelet count didn’t come back for two and a half hours, it had to be recounted by hand. Two doctors and at least one nurse were calling to harass the poor pathologist who had been handed my icky slides to review.

I continue to have this amazing feeling that despite what my mind and my body are doing, my spirit says God has my back. Despite a steady decline in platelets since June they almost doubled over the weekend so I was able to receive my treatment yesterday. Amazing. Thank You God!

I survived my spinal MRI and I’m not ashamed to admit to a little pharmaceutical assistance. You try laying completely still for two hours in the tube. My spine is completely free of disease – great news there.

I am blessed each day to be free of serious pain. I am short of breath and trying to stay home and rest and let my body fight while the chaos swirls around me. My goal the remainder of the week is complete avoidance of Vanderbilt. Especially anyone wanting to inject me, remove bits, or scan me. I feel like I’ve lived there lately.

Vanderbilt’s online medical records are wonderfully convenient. Everyone from the dermatology nurse to the ER Dr is looking at the same information although they often make me repeat it anyway. There’s even a summary listing of my treatment history, all my meds, my main doctors, etc.

I haven’t had a good doctor quote of the week in a while and let me tell you, it was worth waiting for.

Dr. Pinsnneedles wanted to know all the prior chemo I’ve had. I came up with a pretty good list, but I couldn’t remember one of the drugs I had three years ago at MD Anderson.

Me: “Can you look it up? It’s on the summary sheet” (in his hand)
Dr: “I don’t have time to look at this for everyone.”
Me: speechless

He left, the nurse came in for some testing, and when he returned he was stalker-creepy nice and chit-chatty, asking about my family, etc. I guess he DID have time to look at my summary. Prior to that I wonder if he was having a bad day. Or he thought was. I’ve had some hard days buddy, and I expect more to come, and I can still be nice. Everything you do affects someone else. Often in ways you will never know.

Yet again I am completely overwhelmed by everyone who is supporting team Willett. We’ve already raised over $1200 for The Melanoma Research Foundation. Thank you very much. Funds to support future research is so important. The last 16 months of my life have been prolonged by recently approved and experimental drugs. I am so appreciative to be able to contribute by participating in a clinical trial to help other, future melanoma patients. I can’t believe it but next week will mark four months on the trial.


Peace to you all,