Sorry for not posting anything yesterday, but here’s the latest: Amy was moved out of ICU yesterday afternoon, but still has her chest tube in. We’ve met with her surgeon this morning and the Nurse Practitioner here in the Cardiac Step-Down Unit a few minutes ago. Amy will probably be here until early next week.

A couple things need to happen before she can leave. She has a small pin hole leak in her lung. So every time she takes a breath a little bit of air escapes. It’s building up in her chest and face and making her puffy. The chest tube would have been pulled a day or two ago, but it somehow helps with this air thing, so they’re leaving it in. The air leak is nothing serious, and not uncommon with this type of surgery, but needs to be resolved before she can go home. The other thing Amy needs is for her kidney function to get back to normal. Apparently when someone goes on a heart/lung bypass machine it’s common for the kidneys to be impacted (makes no sense to me, but this is what they’re telling us). They are improving, but not back to normal yet. She has some swelling in her legs from the excess fluid, but as the kidneys get better that swelling should go down.

Your prayers for the nausea worked. Amy hasn’t had any of that for a couple of days now, so now we ask that you start praying for healthy kidneys and lungs. She’s anxious to get home, but we realize this is where we need to be for now. The docs say that she’s having a good recovery, but that it will just take a little longer for her since her case is a little unique.

That’s it for now. Please keep her, and my kids, in your prayers.

Thank you,