I can’t believe it, they are releasing me back to the general population. Woot woot! Right now I have pretty normal bloodwork, especially kidneys and platelets, in case you don’t believe in miracles.

The “Rice Krispies” cracklings of air under my skin are resolving so the tiny leak in my lung must be resolved. This has been loads of fun, going from my shoulders all up into my head. It gives new meaning to the phrase “air head”.

I am not in any pain and can walk around the cardiac floor if I want to, I just get tired easily. The other night there was an escape patient and my brother was threatening to turn me in. Thanks Tony. It wasn’t even me.

Thank you isn’t enough to those who have jumped into our disaster this last week and a half to help. We feel covered in love. At twelve days this was my longest hospital stay by far. The surgery was able to alleviate my breathing problems for now. A large chunk of Roscoe was removed but a large piece inside my heart remains and I will start on a new targeted therapy today. Where am I now? The same place you are. Hopeful for tomorrow, thankful for today, and amazed in the endless mercy and blessings of God.

If you don’t believe in miracles, here I am.

Peace to you all,