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Last Saturday I was privileged to stand with fellow cancer survivors at the Relay for Life. It was so nice to get out. Today I’m out again watching squirrels tease Pepper. In between hasn’t been a joy. The second drug Mekinist, brought with it fevers, chills, sweating, for days and additionally I’ve coughed so hard I have broken the stitches between my ribs. Painful. Not dangerous, but not fixable. I got an all clear from my cardiac surgeon and he says on the echo it looks like the tumor isn’t growing. Awesome.

I generally love Vanderbilt but they are small. This is why I threatened to leave when my tumor started to grow again. I felt awful all week from side effects my dr warned me about, my dr and his right hand nurse have gone to Mercury. I am told during the day on Friday “There is no one in oncology”. I quit taking my “chemo” – I feel much better. I’ll deal with it Monday. Bad Patient.

Alan and pee wee scaried up the yard and house this morning and did a spooktactular job. There are still just bits of wax on the sidewalk from the summer’s candlelight vigil, near the flowers that Lisa and Laurie planted. The most beautiful you’ve ever seen. They’ll be gone soon as autumn brings its natural cycle of sleep and death. But not me, not yet. I will be at the 5k. I thought today of Thanksgiving and Christmas for one of the few times.

Maybe I’ll be here in the spring for our little one’s first communion, our oldest learning how to drive, she who must not be mentioned at a movie with a boy. Maybe. Maybe not. My faith in God and knowledge that I married the best man in the world keep me going. They will still be here.

Yet again in my life I am so completely overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. The fact is I will never get around to properly thanking everyone that has brought us meals or donating to miles for melanoma. Team Willett has raised $6600 dollars so far that will go to combating this sneaky, awful cancer. Thanks to you MRF has been able to increase their funding for research grants this year by 40% to $2,325,000, one of which was awarded right here at Vanderbilt. I am so grateful to you all. See you Saturday.

Peace and Love to you All – Amy