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It’s not uncommon around here to have a clerk or someone tell you to “Have a Blessed Day”. These days I know what they mean. The sun is brighter, the air smells more crisp, and the little things are not as big a deal.

I’ve been feeling good and even getting out to run a few errands like going to Kroger, making dinner, and attending cub scouts. I restarted one of my two “chemo” meds, dabrafenib, Tuesday, and so far so good. My oncologist says we aren’t going to try the second one again (Mekinist). I just can’t tolerate it. I agree that if I’m delirious and can’t get out of bed it isn’t worth it. All the research says both drugs work better and are effective longer together. I’m not the least bit concerned about only taking one drug. Clearly I cannot tolerate them both and clearly also God is there for me. I still trust Him. I am still alive and I have a drug, approved by the FDA this year, that I can try. Blessed Days.

Miles for Melanoma was a huge success. I am still staggered by the number of people who came out, including Amy’s Army, and the amount of money raised. Thank you everyone. Cancer can be such a lonely, long road and having so many people come out just to support me and our family was amazing. Blessed Days.

I made it to my birthday, a hard fought battle this year. Not too long ago 44 was looking pretty unlikely and Christmas impossible. I know each treatment and surgery shortens my life however these are the most important days to three young people. I hope they see how these days are blessed.

Wishing all of you peace and blessed days and rainbows of your own.