The Brilliant New Road

Candlelight filled our yard as friends stood in the cold to pray for us and love us the other day. It was such a beautiful, tangible symbol of God’s love. You could almost touch it.,

It’s been a busy few weeks. I had a tumor (melanoma, NOT some dog tumor as first diagnosed) removed from my leg that had grown at a frightening rate to the size of a bird’s egg on the outside if my leg. Sixteen big ugly stitches later and my scar is awesome. It didn’t hurt, due to prior surgical damage.

I’m running around with a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in my lung) too. I had it on the trip to Key West and didn’t know, thankfully. I probably wouldn’t have gone. I now have to give myself shots of a blood thinner in the stomach everyday. It’s not too bad.

There aren’t really any good options left for treatment for me. We’ve tried all the good stuff. Chemo isn’t very effective and really yucky. The drugs I’m on are keeping my brain and body stable, just not Roscoe.

My Dr plans no more scans, which is a relief. I hate them. I have no regrets. I feel like I’ve done everything that could be done. We are making sure the kids get the support they need. I have no complaints, just tired, short of breath, and I wish I could do more for the kids and Alan.

I am at peace with everything and still enjoying life (to borrow a phrase from my friend L) on this side of the dirt. I check in with my oncologist weekly, not much he can do though. I look ahead and see joy, peace, and rest in The Lord. I look behind me and see blessings beyond belief. I have an amazing life and when He says it’s over, it’s over.

Peace and Love to you all,