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Thank you everyone very much for the overwhelming and humbling outpouring of support I’ve gotten over the last few days. My email, texts, and blog are still overflowing with prayers, kind wishes, offers for help of any kind and donations to the 5k this Saturday. I cannot keep up.

It’s nerve wracking to have someone BELITTLE your cancer battle and start a brand new treatment all in the space of 48 hours and you’ve brought me so much peace. It’s not like I’m selling coffee mugs or trying to get y’all to finance my dream wedding. “Little Internet Cancer Adventure”, my ass!

I spent 6 hrs at Vandy Monday and had no problems at all. I’m pretty tired, a tiny headache and a little heartburn but so far that’s the worst of it. I’d only been off my other treatment (Zelboraf) 3 days when we added this on top so I’ve got a lot going on in here. I’m not sure I’ll make it the entire 5k like I planned, but I am used to changing my plans.

They told us the side effects don’t usually kick in until after the next dose. Our take away was 3 days of bad headache = head X-ray/scan, 3 days of bad diarrhea = colonoscopy. Vandy doesn’t mess around. Enjoy this beautiful fall weather with your family and friends, that’s just what I’m planning to do.

Peace to you all,