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It has been a busy, crazy week but I just got the news I am starting the clinical trial on Tuesday and also the fantastic news that I am getting the study drug, not the chemo. The response rates for melanoma with chemo are just plain terrible but I was willing to take a chance so I can be here longer for my family. I guess for trials the third time was the charm.

I have been praying and praying that if it isn’t going to work, then for God to just bring His hand down into this entire situation and give someone else a chance. Really the last couple of days as I waited, I was at peace with it either way. Also, I have just felt everyone’s prayers surrounding me and lifting me up this week and I am very grateful. I have been blessed in so many ways and it just keeps coming.

Although I’m not feeling in such tip-top shape, I am ready to get going with this Phase 2 trial Tuesday. I will make an excellent lab rat. This drug has good response rates, better than the drugs I’ve been on the last year, with fewer side effects. I will go in every 3 weeks for labs, dr appt, and a 30 minute infusion as long as it’s working, first scans after the fourth dose. I’m hoping this tired damaged body can do whatever it’s supposed to do with this drug and finally get Roscoe under control. I am not giving up yet but we call continue to pray for the strength to accept whatever God has in store for me.

I’m over 2 years at stage 4 melanoma, which would’ve been a death sentence just a few years ago, like it was for Dad unfortunately and so many others. Praying this treatment works and keeps working. Honestly I’m weary. Maybe this is why: (last 3 years)

Lymph Node Dissection (37 nodes), radiation, inpatient biochemotherapy – 4 rounds – (IL2, Dacarbazine, Cisplatin, Vinblastine), pelvic resection, radiation, Zelboraf 6 mos, Yervoy, Sterotactic Radio Surgery for two brain tumors, Zelboraf (5 mos), now Anti-PD1.

Thank you to so many people who came out this week to Pizza Perfect to benefit the MRF in Bob’s name. I really wanted to be there but I heard both locations were packed. That is so awesome.

Peace to you all and have a wonderful weekend.